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Welcome to Massage and Trauma Touch Therapy for Women
Carol Springer, B.Sci. Nursing, lic. Massage and Trauma Touch Therapist™

Touch is a basic human need.

Safe touch is informed by the body's
unique needs for touch


In 1983, I began integrating 18 years of nursing skills with hands-on bodywork

  • to help people enjoy their health care
  • to relieve symptoms from acute or chronic back pain, neck pain, headaches, joint pains, arthritis, injuries and fibromyalgia
  • to soothe the harsh effects of cancer and cancer treatments
  • to support healing and to ease dying
  • to offer care to care-givers

Massage Therapist
since 1983


Over time, I noticed that some people - often trauma survivors - were not comfortable with touch. In 1997, I added Trauma Touch Therapy™, which introduces clients to non-touch modalities and other self-regulating approaches that help people learn to direct safe touch experiences.

No two sessions are ever the same. Each body and each situation is different, so I blend western and eastern massage styles with cranial/ sacral and myofascial releases to create individualized sessions. I may also incorporate Massage Cupping for some conditions.


I have taught:

Massage at Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy (www.ccmt.edu)
Trauma Touch Therapy™ at Colorado School of Healing Arts (www.csha.net)
Workshops for health professionals
Enrichment classes for massage and self care.

I have written Return to Your Senses Handbook

  • to guide growth after trauma,
  • to aid compassion fatigue recovery,
  • to help people whose lives feel too busy.


Many Clients


- I sleep better
- My
breathing is fuller
- I drive
- I have
more energy after my massage

I just had to write to express the joy I am feeling after our session.  I'm walking around the house in stocking feet, feeling like I am floating on clouds.  My feet haven't felt this good in years.  It no longer hurts to walk barefoot on carpet.  I can feel my feet bending, rather than the stiff-footed way I used to walk.  I am walking just to feel my feet move in all the ways they should; just because it feels good. I love to dance, and haven't been able to do that.  Now I have hope - I can dance again.



Carol Springer

Phone: 213-427-9471

California certification #26838

Email: Carol@mtcwc.com

Member: Assoc. Massage & Bodywork Professionals

Los Angeles, CA 90004


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